Bornonaboard 2015 cATALOG ➜

We are an apparel/lifestyle brand, based around getting kids and adults off of the couch and onto the lake, mountain, street, etc.

Bornonaboard's mandate is to support the community and our team members. We donate over 20% of our profits directly to our members, events and the community.

We are definitely building a great team.

We are not just another clothing company. Our goal is to revolutionize the Board Sport entertainment segment by having our team riders and others provide varied content to be viewed on our 24/7 TV channel.

We would love the chance to sit down and talk to you about having our apparel in your stores, both physical and online.

We do not have retail stores and will not be selling any of our products online. We are looking for strategic partners to facilitate the marketing of our apparel.

We would definitely value your support. You can reach us via email or phone.