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The “I-learned-it-at-the-lake” tale is a common one of all boarders, “This is a family sport,” “We really embrace that. If you can get your kids away from the phone and away from the video games and get them out into the boat for the afternoon, that’s huge. Our sport wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of the families who helped these kids gets started. There are so many facets to our sport, and right at the top of the list is family and having uninterrupted time with your kids.”



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By supporting Bornonaboard you directly help our team riders live out there dream to become champions. If you or someone you know wants to be part of the Bornonaboard team please get ahold of us as we are always looking to support the community.    

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I feel like skateboarding is as much of a sport as a lifestyle, and an art form, so there’s so much that transcends in terms of music, fashion, and entertainment.
— Tony Hawk