April 7th,2016

Bornonaboard (BOAB) is proud to announce our partnership with The Earth Group.


In keeping with BOAB’s social commitment we are honoured to support The Earth Group. www.earthgroup.org


About The Earth Group

Founded in 2005, The Earth Group is comprised of Earth Water, Earth Coffee, and Earth Tea. It is The Earth Group’s mandate to give 100% of their net profits to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to provide life essentials to some of the world’s poorest people. The Earth Group commits 100% of its net profits to WFP to fight hunger worldwide through its school meals programmes. In order to get the money to where it is most needed, as effectively and efficiently as possible, The Earth Group has partnered with WFP, the world’s largest humanitarian agency, fighting hunger worldwide. WFP brings food to an average of 90 million people in more than 70 countries each year. It costs WFP just 25 cents to give a child a meal at school – helping them grow and learn and develop their full potential. The Earth Group is currently active in North America & Europe, while funding projects globally.

About BOAB

BOAB was founded on the commitment of protecting the environment and the people that play in that environment. The environment is our playground; the fundamental basis of BOAB is sustainability and eco care of that environment while preserving the family unit and its values so that as many people as possible can enjoy our playground. There are many people throughout the world that will never have the experience of playing in our playground. It is our goal to help the less fortunate so that one day we all maybe able to enjoy our playground.

Our Commitment to The Earth Group:

Is to actively create awareness of The Earth Group. We will do this through our multiple media venues. Taking our commitment even further BOAB has committed to donate a portion of all sales to The Earth Group.