June 24, 2016


Bornonaboard Launches New Apparel Line of Wearable Technology.

Bornonaboard (BOAB) is excited to announce the launch of the patent pending Eyepocket™ Hoodie, which redefines the use of your smartphone to shoot hands free video and pictures.

The Eyepocket™ Hoodie is the first product in an exciting new apparel line of BOAB wearable technology. A special addition to our apparel line that allows boarders to use their smartphones to shoot hands free video and pictures.

The response has been phenomenal; Not just from the boarding community, but from the general public who has quickly realized that our apparel with the Eyepocket™ can be used by ANYONE.

To enhance the Eyepocket™ experience is the Eyepocket™ app, which was developed to help users get the most out of their Eyepocket™. Among the features of our app is that it keeps video and photo frames parallel to the horizon, regardless of the device rotation. No need to rotate the phone to shoot landscape as the app will automatically provide wide angle capture while allowing the smartphone to be carried vertically in the Eyepocket™ Additional features such as image stabilization are being incorporated into the app to enhance video quality.

As a natural progression from the implementation of the Eyepocket™ BOAB is now working on the development of wearable technology that gives users the ability to get even more out of their Eyepocket™/smartphone system. The new accessory technology will feature a wrist mounted controller and a wireless driven application (Wrist Up Display = WUD) so hands free video and pictures will be even easier for Eyepocket™ users. The WUD will let you view what your phone sees from its Eyepocket™ position. The full colour screen will include camera controls and other features so a user can leave their smartphone safely in the Eyepocket™ and use the virtual WUD display to control the camera and adjust their body position to get the best video and pictures.

About Bornonaboard (BOAB) 

BOAB is a lifestyle brand that began as an apparel line for the boarding community. Bornonaboard has evolved to include wearable technology and online entertainment for the masses.

Our goal is to spend time on our rides. We embrace all boarding sports and help countless others fulfill this same dream.

The “I-learned-on-the-water” or “I-learned-it-on-the-mountain” is a common tale of all boarders.

Boarding is a family sport, and the boarding community is our family. If we can get our kids off the couch, away from the video games, off the streets and on a board, everybody wins.

Our company was founded with the purpose of providing whatever means possible to increase pleasure to as many as we can. We help achieve this by giving back to local communities in the sponsorship of our Team Riders. We also donate a portion of our profits to organizations with the goal of helping the under privileged and other important causes that reflect our core values of protecting the environment and promoting our sport.

The environment is our playground; the fundamental basis of BOAB is sustainability and eco care. We want to protect our environment for generations of boarders to enjoy.